Linear Motion Guide Roller Bearings

Motion Bearings can provide the linear guide roller bearing in chrome steel and stainless in good stable quality level to meet your specific request.

Freewheel Clutch Bearings

The freewheel allows rotation in one direction only and overruns continuously during operation which prevents reverse rotation if the drive is disconnected Motion Bearings can provide many kinds of freewheel clutches such as B200,DC,AE,AS,ASNU,FE,ASNU,GFRN,CSK and CK ect series.

Corrosion Protection Bearings

Motion Bearing provides the corrosion protection bearings including Stainless Steel bearing; Plastic bearing; ceramic bearings and hybrid ball bearing ect.

Linear Motion Bearings

Our Linear Motion Bearings include linear motion bearings, linear motion ball bearing slide unit, support rail unit, shaft support, shaft ; Also we can provide the above linear guide roller bearings together for your linear motion application; we are very professional on this field.

Application for Linear Motion Guide Roller Bearing

Guide rollers can be used in the various tracks with different configuration and in the application that need to linear motion. Such as special linear motion track, industrial robot,...

Application for Free Wheel Clutches

The freewheel can be widely used in packing machinery machine tool, reducer, conveyor, elevator, crane and transport machinery, agriculture machinery, medical apparatus, metallurgical...

Solution for Corrosition Protection Bearings

The corrosion protection bearings have the property of preventing strong acid, alkali, sea water and other special specific performance. So they are widely used in the medical and biotechnology...

Application for Linear Motion Bearings

Linear motion product is an indispensable part of modern industry. It is widely used in electronic equipment, automatic cutting equipment, medical equipment, printing machinery, textile...