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Application for Linear Motion Guide Roller Bearing

Application for Free Wheel Clutches

Solution for Corrosition Protection Bearings

Application for Linear Motion Bearings

Agriculture Bearing Application

Auto Bearing Application

Application in Petroleum and Chemical Industry

1.Linear Motion Guide Roller Bearing

Linear Motion Guide Roller Bearings offers an excellent solution for linear applications ranging from very clean to the harshest environments. Considering the industry standard for linear motion, Guide roller Bearings are an ideal versatile solution in a wide range of motion control applications. They provide smooth and quiet travel with mediumaccuracy requirements. Long lengths and the ability to easily end join further their appeal. Components made from chrome Steel or stainless steel offer even more flexibility for a wide range of applications, for example:

· Machine tool doors, guarding and tool changers

· Vending machines

· Conveyor

· lifting sheave

· Rail suspension block

· Wire straighter machinery

2.Freewheel Clutch Bearings

The freewheel allows rotation in one direction only. It overruns continuously during operation. The freewheel prevents reverse rotation if the drive is disconnected. For this performance, such freewheel clutches is widely used in used in packing machinery machine tool, reducer, conveyor, elevator, crane and transport machinery, agriculture machinery, medical apparatus, metallurgical and mining machinery ect.

3.Agricultural Bearing

MOTN Bearings provide a full range of agricultural bearings including round, square, hex bore disc harrow and flange disc units, 200 series farm radial inserted ball bearing, assemblies, ball bearings, mounted bearing units for farm machinery maker from planting to harvesting like balers, tillage, seeding and forage harvester equipment, combines, cotton pickers/stripers, gauge wheel, ground disc, ridger, bedder, round baler, trencher, harvester, tractor, beet cultivator and other agricultural equipment like silo unloaders and grain elevators.

4.Transmission Product

Our main transmission products consist of chains, sprocket and belts and we have very professional manufacturers to work with. Products are widely used in Agricultural, automobile; motorcycle, bicycle, engineering equipment; printing machinery, textile filed, food machinery and chemical equipment ect, our products is warm welcomed for our stable quality level and very reasonable prices among our clients globally .

5.Linear Motion Bearings

The linear ball bearing (also called ball bushing or shaft guiding) consists of a polymeric cage with raceway segments made of hardened steel to guide the ball sets within the complete system. Recirculating balls provide unlimited stroke at low friction movement.

We have full line of linear motion bearings including linear motion bearings, linear motion ball bearing slide unit, support rail unit, shaft support, shaft ect.. And the range of applications of our products is as follow:

· Automatic controlling machine

· Robot Industry

· Semi-conductor Industry

· General Industrial Machinery

· Medical equipment

· Solar energy equipment

· Machine Tool

· Parking System

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