Application for Free Wheel Clutches

The freewheel can be widely used in packing machinery machine tool, reducer, conveyor, elevator, crane and transport machinery,

agriculture machinery, medical apparatus, metallurgical and mining machinery ect to prevent the equipment back to reverse directions.

Indexing Applications

This Clutch application is most commonly used for safety in case of machine failure. This could be an escalator to an elevator, or even the PTO on a tractor. If a machine is lifting a heavy object and the power goes out, a clutch can hold the weight in place protecting all that is involved.

Backstop Applications
Conveyers: Stop load
Winches: Stop load
High Voltage Switching: Safety device
Textile Machine: Material feed protection
Industrial Fan: Motor Protection

This type of Clutch application can take a couple of forms. The main one would be a reverse direction preventer to protect the machine
it is mounted on. This is where the Clutch is spinning without being engaged, 'Overrunning', until failure occurs. At this moment the clutch would engage and hold the process in place. The opposite application would be when the clutch is engaged most of the time, but overrunning is required for successful operation. The most notorious application for this use is the bicycle.

Overrunning Applications
Conveyers: Speed Compensation
Mixers: Motor Protection
Motorcycles: Gear Box or Transmission
Packaging Machine: Spins Down Freely
Printing Press: Ink Roller Drive